Schiffer Kids - Have an Abominably Good Day

Schiffer Kids

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Hannah and her older brother, Billy, are out having fun on Christmas Eve, enjoying a snowball fight. When things get a little too rough, Hannah ends up in tears and heads into the woods outside of town to be alone with her hurt feelings. Soon she is lost in the deep woods and frightened…until she runs into Abe, an Abominable Snowman. Abe is also feeling lost on this particular Christmas Eve, but together he and Hannah have an adventure, become friends, and discover a few truths about friendship, decisions, and the love of family and friends. Billy gets a reunion with Hannah he will not soon forget! 68 lively illustrations bring the tale to life for children and adults alike. This heartwarming tale teaches valuable lessons in a beguiling manner sure to make it a holiday favorite for years to come. Early reader–ages 5-8. Hardback binding. 64 pages. Author: Krackow, Eric T. Publication date: 2010-07-28.